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Additional Merchant Processing Solutions
Accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards over the Telephone using Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Payment Solutions

Intuit Payment Solutions, QuickBooks Merchant Services and Innovative Merchant Solutions Merchant Account
Phone, FAX or Mail Order Transactions
Process through QuickBooks Software or our Internet Gateway.
Perfect for back-office, catalog and professionals who need individual customer invoices and sales tracking.

Low-Cost Solutions for Phone, Fax, and Mail Order

Great for catalog, home-based businesses, and inbound and outbound telesales, anytime your customer is not present when you process the sale. In these "card-not-present" situations, you manually enter your customer's credit card with one of our flexible solutions.

EFT, Credit Cards, ACH, Electronic Checks & Paper Checks Payment Processing using QuickBooks Software - NEXT DAY Funding Available!

Never leave QuickBooks Software to collect your money!    

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    Credentials for the QuickBooks Demo Setup:

    • StoreID:            39033
    • StoreKey:          0P1oEBQScLs48nFyAVWbyJ1fLJ97
    • MerchantID:       20211
    • LocationIDs:      41765

    It's FREE

    Only a few companies have the technology to offer accepting credit card payments through QuickBooks. National EFT is one of those companies. Combining market technology expertise, our high end payment gateway along with our consortium of FDIC insured banks, we have assembled top of the line payment processing solutions through QuickBooks Accounting Software.

    We offer the absolute Lowest Rates Rate Quote and faster funding than other providers.
    Accept Credit Cards, ACH (e-check) and Paper Check transactions. Most providers only support credit card transactions.
    Use our powerful Customer Vault to store billing information in a PCI compliant system and issue subsequent transactions against that billing information.
    Works with 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions!

    Easy-to-Use, Flexible Solutions

    There are two main ways to process card-not-present transactions:

    • Use a Terminal: If your business does a mix of face-to-face and card-not-present sales, use a terminal. You can manually key-in credit information, yet still be able to swipe cards and qualify for the lower, card-swiped rates.
    • Use Your PC: Turn your PC into a "virtual" terminal with card-processing software, such as our Internet Gateway software or QuickBooks Financial Software, both FREE when you get an Innovative merchant account.

    Our most popular credit card processing option is a flexible choice for merchants who do not physically swipe their customer's credit card when the sale is processed. Our software uses the Internet to securely and reliably submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card and electronic check transactions.

    • Card-Processing Software: Turn your PC into a terminal with our Virtual Terminal software. It works much like a physical terminal, except that you manually key-in card information into your PC. And, since the transaction processing is done via the Internet, you can make sales anywhere there's an internet connection.

    • QuickBooks Software: Your FREE QuickBooks has one of the industry's most powerful merchant solutions built right into it: QuickBooks Merchant Solutions. Transactions are processed right in the software, so all data is automatically recorded in your QuickBooks, saving you up to 2 hours per week in manual data entry. Plus, your records are always up-to-date, making reconciliation much easier.

    • Terminals: If your business does a mix of face-to-face and card-not-present sales, use one of the terminals listed above. You'll be able to manually key-in transactions and still be able to swipe cards to qualify for the lower, card-swiped rate.

    For more information about these options, see our Products section. No matter which option you choose, you'll get set up quickly with a robust card processing solution.

    Integration with QuickBooks

    Are you a QuickBooks user? With just a few clicks of the mouse our solutions automatically download transactions into your QuickBooks. Eliminate the need to record your sales data by hand.

    See how it works! (2 min. tour):

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    Trust Innovative

    IMS is part of Intuit, makers of QuickBooks, Quicken, and Turbo-Tax. Over 25 million customers trust us to manage their personal and small business finances, and our merchants process more than $5 Billion in transactions annually.

    Well get you up-and-running quickly and easily:

    • Fast Approval: Apply in only five minutes through our online form or by calling (866) 927-7180. And we approve 98% of all applications.2
    • Low Start-Up Costs: We'll give you virtual terminal software3 and QuickBooks for FREE. Want a terminal instead? We work with major equipment manufacturers to offer you discounted rates and speedy delivery. We'll even reprogram your existing one for FREE!1
    • Keep Your Bank Account: Your money will be automatically deposited into your existing bank account usually within 2-3 business days.

    Have Questions?

    We have fast, friendly support! Our LIVE Merchant Experts are available 24/7/365 and answer every call within 30 seconds.

    Apply to Accept Credit Cards over the Phone using QuickBooks Or Call Us at (866) 927-7180!

    1 Not all existing terminals can be reprogrammed. A new purchase may be necessary. Terminals are available separately to lease or buy. Please call (866) 927-7180 for details.

    2 Three months of transaction statements required. We will review your rates from your current provider and try our best to meet or beat your current rates. Call (866) 927-7180 for details.

    3 Virtual Terminal requires an Internet connection on a Windows PC and at least Internet Explorer 5.0.

    Application approval is required. Fees apply. Terms, conditions, features, pricing, support and service options are subject to change without notice. Innovative Merchant Solutions is a registered agent of Westamerica Bank, Santa Clara, CA, and JP Morgan Bank, Columbus, OH. FDIC Insured.

    Transactions are subject to Association guidelines. Additional fees apply when accepting American Express, and Discover cards.

QuickBooks Merchant Account Credit Card Transaction Processing Retail Business
Retail, Face-to-Face Transactions
Ideal for retailers, restaurants and service-based businesses.
On the Road? We have wireless payment solutions for you, perfect for door-to-door sales and tradeshows.
Accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards over the Internet through your web site with Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Payment Solutions
Internet Stores & Web Sites Process credit cards on the internet and download into QuickBooks software
Collect payments automatically on your internet web site.
Create and run successful ecommerce Web store ... from point of purchase to your bottom line ... without having to be a computer genius.
Start Processing Credit Cards, Electronic Checks and ACH through QuickBooks Today!

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National EFT is an agent of Innovative Merchant Solutions of LKC which is a sales agent for Innovative Merchant Solutions, LLC, an Intuit company, registered ISO of JP Morgan Chase and WestAmerica bank.