Process Your Credit Cards, ACH and Electronic Check Deposit Transactions
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Process Credit Cards using QuickBooks QuickBooks Merchant Application

How It Works - Process Credit Cards using QuickBooks Software

Once you get started, QuickBooks Merchant Service and Innovative Merchant Solutions for internet e-commerce enabled Web Stores can help you use your existing QuickBooks software to manage your web store more efficiently.

90 day free trial using Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services & Solutions
Integrated QuickBooks Merchant Service for Web Sites, Web Stores and Ecommerce

Automate product data entry to save time and reduce effort

Instead of retyping all of your product information from QuickBooks into your web store, you can eliminate duplicate data entry by connecting your web store to QuickBooks and sending your product data from QuickBooks to your web store.  Ecommerce payment solutions for your website.

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Exchange information between QuickBooks and your web store

Once connected, your QuickBooks and your web store can exchange customer, inventory, product, and payment information, using the utilities provided with your web store.  Web site credit card processing and e-commerce payment processing using QuickBooks Accounting Software.

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View and manage web store order data in QuickBooks

With QuickBooks Merchant Service for Web Stores you can view your web store order data in your QuickBooks software (sold separately), tracking your Internet sales alongside your bricks-and-mortar sales, all within one solution.  We are integrated with numerous online shopping carts to process merchant credit card transactions.

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Easily reconcile credit card transactions

When you process credit card orders it can be difficult to tell whether or not the funds have been deposited in your bank account.

With QuickBooks Merchant Service for Web Stores you can use your web store company's utility to download your web store credit card payment information and sales data directly into your QuickBooks software. This information lets you quickly match your bank deposits to your credit card payments and get up-to-date funding status, so you can keep your bank balances more accurate. (In QuickBooks 2005 and higher only.)

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Keep track of merchant account expenses and fees

You can download MasterCard and Visa processing fees and service fees associated with your Intuit Payment Solutions' QuickBooks Merchant Service merchant account directly into QuickBooks, for more accurate accounting within QuickBooks.

You can then use QuickBooks to assign fees to appropriate expense accounts so your records are up to date. (In QuickBooks 2005 and higher only).

Amex and Discover deposit your funds net of process fees. Use our Fee Calculator to keep track of the fees associated with these payments.

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