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Accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards over the Internet through your web site with Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Payment Solutions

Intuit Payment Solutions, QuickBooks Merchant Services and Innovative Merchant Solutions Merchant Account
Internet Stores & Web Sites Process credit cards on the internet and download into QuickBooks software
Collect payments automatically on your internet web site.
Create and run successful ecommerce Web store ... from point of purchase to your bottom line ... without having to be a computer genius.

Do You Want to Sell on the Internet?

If you do business on the Internet you need a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way to collect payments and process transactions. We can get you set up easily and quickly with a robust solution for taking payments over the Internet.

FREE, Easy-to-Use Solutions

Our FREE Internet card-processing software integrates with your Web site, integrating with all major shopping carts and platforms. Plus, you get the flexibility to process transactions directly from your website or manually keying them into our Virtual Terminal:

  • Web Site Processing: When we setup your account, your Web site will be connected to our processing system to accept credit card payments securely, automatically, and in real time.
  • FREE Virtual Terminal: Our software also lets you manually key-in transactions through our Web site. Now you can accept credit cards anywhere there's an Internet connection, such as craft fairs and trade shows.

We provide a secure way to automatically authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions on your Web site. Our server-based, real-time Internet processing software connects to your Web site and works seamlessly with most shopping carts. Worried about Internet security? Our software has several features that protect your business from fraudulent activity:

  • Fraud Protection: Identify, manage and prevent suspicious or potentially costly fraudulent transactions with this customizable, rules-based solution for Web merchants.

  • Cardholder Authentication Programs: Reduce the liabilities and expenses that Web merchants incur from the unauthorized use of credit cards by implementing the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs.

  • Address Verification Service (AVS): Checks the address given on your site with the address listed on the credit card file at the issuing bank to ensure a match.

After a sale is processed, you'll even receive an e-mail with sale and customer information so you can fulfill the order. Plus, the Virtual Terminal feature gives you the ability to manually key-in transactions anywhere there's an Internet connection.

Secure Transacting

With Innovative, all your data is transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, ensuring that your customer's credit card information is always secure.

Have Questions?

We have fast, friendly support! Our LIVE Merchant Experts are available 24/7/365 and answer every call within 30 seconds.

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1 Not all existing terminals can be reprogrammed. A new purchase may be necessary. Terminals are available separately to lease or buy. Please call (866) 927-7180 for details.

2 Three months of transaction statements required. We will review your rates from your current provider and try our best to meet or beat your current rates. Call (866) 927-7180 for details.

Application approval is required. Fees apply. Terms, conditions, features, pricing, support and service options are subject to change without notice. Innovative Merchant Solutions is a registered agent of Westamerica Bank, Santa Clara, CA, and JP Morgan Bank, Columbus, OH. FDIC Insured.

Transactions are subject to Association guidelines. Additional fees apply when accepting American Express, and Discover cards.

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Retail, Face-to-Face Transactions
Ideal for retailers, restaurants and service-based businesses.
On the Road? We have wireless payment solutions for you, perfect for door-to-door sales and tradeshows.
Accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards over the Telephone using Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Payment Solutions
Phone, FAX or Mail Order Transactions
Process through QuickBooks Software or our Internet Gateway.
Perfect for back-office, catalog and professionals who need individual customer invoices and sales tracking.
Start Processing Credit Cards, Electronic Checks and ACH through QuickBooks Today!

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